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There are 8 days left!!

On Monday we raised the pride flag to get ready for the week. We had some students head to the Flying Squirrel and our first post-COVID band concert. It was lovely to see all the families attending and the students played so well!! Our kindness challenge this week was about respect and inclusion for all people.

Tuesday night we had performances by the Harmony Project and our drumline. Both were excellent! EMCS counsellors came to start grade 8 transition talks with our divisional teachers to prepare for next year.

Wednesday was a busy day. It was 80s spirit day, there was a Robotics Jamboree (with 8 students who attended!) and many classes headed for the beach. Island Sexual health came to present with some of our grade 8 classes to address the BC Physical Health Education Curriculum.

Thursday, the whole neighbourhood of Mystical Main went to French Beach. Mr. Donegani and Ms. Maragh’s classes continued with their golfing exploration. EMCS grade 8 transitions continued.

Friday was exciting with Poirier Elementary and Journey Middle joining together to have a Pride Parade. So much excitement and smiles. Yearbooks were handed out!!

Next week at Journey

Monday – Island Sexual Health will be returning to continue to work with our grade 8 classes.

Tuesday – Two grade 8 classes will be heading up island to spend the day at the Horne Lake Caves.

Wednesday – Whole School Fun day – students will either host or rotate through different fun activities. Any parents who would be interested in helping out, please contact PAC president, Trudy Fraser at hunni8205@gmail.com .  Spirit day will be to dress as your favourite historical figure.

June 23 & 24 will be Jouro – our tradition returns. Jouro is a soccer tournament which involves all classes.

REMINDER OF THE COMMUNITY/SCHOOL DISTRICT MEETING ON JUNE 27 6:30 – 8:00 PM IN THE JOURNEY GYM. Several grade 8 classes will also be heading to Playland on the June 27.

Grade 8 celebration picnic, 1 – 2:30 on June 28.

Report Card day is June 29.


I have had some questions about a police presence at the school yesterday. They were here to ask about some mischief off school property in the morning. It involved some students who needed to make amends for poor decision making and it has been concluded.


Please click on the below link for the map of the Pride Parade.

PoirierRainbow Pride Parade Route20220531


What a week!! It is hard to believe that there are only two and a half(ish) weeks left.

Teachers are gearing up with their final assessments for summative report cards that will be published through your MyEd portals on June 29.

This week’s kindness theme proposed by our student council was about picking up trash – respecting our learning environment and helping out our staff who help our school remain clean and tidy. We had guest student announcers who announced the challenge on Monday. We will have new announcers this upcoming Monday; our kindness challenge will be about respect and inclusion for everyone. Our Wednesday theme will be the 80s.

This Tuesday we saw a final round of grade 6 regularly scheduled immunizations. If you require any further help with these, please contact the Sooke Health unit. We had our EMCS grads come and visit us. They were welcomed with High 5s and hoots and hollers for our students – what a great event to have return to our school and a great example for our students who will be high schoolers soon enough!

Wednesday brought out the medieval in some of us, as we were invited by the student counsel to dress in our best medieval garb. Some of us were nobility and some more humble. It was great to see the excitement (and a few puzzled looks too!)

Our track team competed at UVic with phenomenal results. Coaches were so proud of our students’ performances and sports-like behaviour. They truly made Journey proud.

The whole neighbourhood of Narnia went to the beach on Thursday. The weather was not optimal, but our west coast kids are troupers. We head out rain or shine! This is the disclaimer for upcoming beach trips over the next couple of weeks – we go regardless of the weather, so please dress appropriately. We also had our last group of grade 5 Future Journey Dragons from Saseenos.

We looked more like a resort with golf happening under the maple tree with Mr. Donegani and Ms. Maragh’s classes honing their skills to head to the ‘real’ golf course today.

Next week

Journey Middle School concert, Monday, June 13 at 7:30 pm in the gymnasium at Journey!!

Drum line and the orchestra will be playing at Journey Tuesday, June 14 at 6 pm in the gymnasium.

The Community/Journey collaborative meeting which was scheduled for June 14 has been postponed until June 27. It will have the same format and people located in the Journey gymnasium, just a different date.

There are several beach trips planned from multiple classes this week. Please ensure that your child is adequately dressed for the weather.

On Monday at 8:30 am the Pride flag will be raised (all of June is pride month), staff and students are invited to attend if they so wish.

On Tuesday and Thursday, EMCS counselors will be visiting with our grade 8 teachers this week to discuss each transitioning student.

Island Sexual Health will start their presentations with some of our grade 8 classes. This presentation follows the BC Curriculum for PHE (Physical Health Education).

On June 17 Journey will be participating with Poirier Elementary in a Pride Day Parade which will run from their property into ours and back. Some of our students have been working hard on their floats.


Yearbooks will be released on June 20.

June 22 – there will be a whole school Fun day. FAST will still be running their normal classes. If parents would like to be involved, please contact our PAC president (info listed below).

Jouro (soccer competition) will run June 23 & 24

Grade 8 leaving celebration is on June 28.

For any parents who would like to be involved in the Grade 8 leaving celebration or the whole school Fun day, please contact PAC president, Trudy Fraser at hunni8205@gmail.com.

I wish you an excellent weekend!!

  1. Very important information for all families as a reminder regarding life threatening allergies (all nuts-peanuts and tree nuts, shellfish, salmon, cantaloupe melon and watermelon):

To help reduce the risk of accidental exposure, we need your cooperation in order to provide a safe and secure learning environment. The following are respectfully requested:

  1. Students in specified classes (signs are posted outside of classrooms with allergies and divisional teachers have contacted you directly),do not bring food to school that contain those substances. Please read the list of ingredients on food packages to confirm safety of the foods sent to school.
  2. If your child enjoys a food product at home which is an allergen for someone at school, please ensure that your child adds handwashing to their routine before coming to school. Even a small amount of peanut/nut oil or dust from a friend’s hand can easily be transferred to books, pens or equipment used in a gym class that can pose a risk for the allergic child.
  3. Please discuss with your child the importance of not trading or sharing food.

We hope you will appreciate the seriousness of this condition and that you will assist us in our efforts to cerate as  safe an allergy aware environment as possible for our students, especially as we move into the end of the school year where there will be festivities.



Public Health staff have now completed the school based immunization clinics for this school year. If your child missed their immunizations at school or you believe your child is due for immunizations, we invite you to call the Sooke Health Unit to book an appointment at 250-519-3487.


www.immunizebc.ca: This site provides extensive information about BC’s routine vaccination schedule for infants, children, teens and adults.  It also includes a comprehensive ‘Question and Answer’ section.

https://www.islandhealth.ca/learn-about-health/immunizations/immunizations: Learn about immunization programs in Island Health.


It has come to our knowledge that there might be some confusion regarding our band program for next year. I wanted to share a couple things that effect this year and next:

If band students intend to enroll in band for the following year, they will need to notify the school. We are currently creating the timetable for next year and need to know how many students are interested in continuing or starting as a grade 6 student.  You must sign up as soon as possible through our office staff. Scheduling this year had the band program running in a ‘pull out’ style of program; this was why students were cohorted together with their other band classmates. Teachers worked with the music teacher to accommodate this style of programming so that they would not miss out on other programs at the same time.

Due to scheduling outlined to all middle schools in the district, the Journey band program will have to run within the timetable next year and will no longer run as  a ‘pull-out’ course. Next year, band is scheduled to run within the timetable in the FAST program. FAST is fine arts, applied skills and technology and encompass Art, Woodworking, Foods, Computer Studies, etc.. This year your child was able to do both FAST and band because band was a pull-out course. Next year, your child will have to choose between participating in the FAST program OR participating in the band program.



Journey Middle School would like to wish the grade 12s from the Na’tsa’maht Indigenous Education program congratulations upon graduation!!

This week was a very busy week and it will only get busier as we dive into June!

On Monday, we had a guest Vic PD officer who brought his dog to speak with a class to support their passion project.

We are thankful for a special donation of a class set of grass hockey sticks for our PHE program. Thank you, Ms. Lovett!

The grade 6,7 and 8 Concert band received a SILVER at the Nationals for MUSICFEST CANADA and the grade 7/8 concert band received a SILVER at the Nationals for MUSICFEST CANADA. They have had remote clinics with their adjudicators who were very affirming in their comments to the groups. We will receive awards and metals soon. Congratulations to both groups!

Band forms are essential to the planning of the course next year. Numbers are low at this point and if there are not enough students enrolled, we will not be able to offer band.

Camosun came Thursday and today to teach our grade 7s about electricity. Fun and exploration were had by all.

Port Renfrew Elementary Future Journey Dragons came to us for a transition visit. They are a small group, but very mighty.

Student council met this week to finalize weekly kindness challenges and themed Wednesdays for the month of June. Student presenters will go on the announcements to give information to their school, but a sneak peek….

Kindness challenge week #1 – trash pick up

Themed Wednesday #1 – Medieval garb

Kindness challenge week #2 – respect, inclusion for everyone

Themed Wednesday #2 – the 80s!

Kindness challenge #3 – helping teachers

Themed Wednesday #3 – dress like a historical figure


Grade 6 final round of regularly scheduled, parent approved immunizations will be in the morning of Tuesday, June 7. Our EMCS grads will be visiting us for high fives in the afternoon.


Grade 7 and 8 concert band will play with the EMCS concert band at the EMCS final concert next week, Wednesday, June 8, 7 pm in the EMCS Theatre. Parents and friends are welcome to attend.

Journey Middle School concert, Monday, June 13 at 7:30 pm in the gymnasium at Journey.

Thursday will be a busy day. Some classes will have set up a golf course in our back yard, classes from Narnia will be heading to the beach and Saseenos Elementary students will be coming to participate in their transition visit.

Hold and Secure drill for Friday, June 10. A hold and secure is called when there is a hazard outside the building with no immediate risk of coming into the school. For Journey, this usually translates to a bear sighting…

Please mark your calendars and save your bottles

There is a bottle drive at Saseenos Elementary on June 18, 10 am – 3 pm. This is to raise money for an upcoming grade 8 fieldtrip for Divisions 1 and 2. Your help is appreciated!!



The yearbooks are in and will be distributed June 20th!

If you missed your opportunity to pre-order a yearbook, we have a limited amount of extras for sale in the office.

They will be sold for $45 on a first come first serve basis, (cash or cheque only, please make the cheque out to SD62).

The extra yearbooks will go on sale Thursday, June 2nd at 8am in the OFFICE ONLY AND THERE WILL BE NO HOLDS.

*The sold extra yearbooks will then be distributed on June 20th 



This week at Journey…

This week started with some somber reminders of the preciousness of life with remembering the Indigenous children that were lost in Canadian residential schools. At count right now there are more than 2500 bodies that have been found. As a sign of respect and remembrance, some students participated this week in putting up orange ribbons to represent these children.

We also pause and think of the children lost this week in the tragic shootings in Texas.

Although this week was short, a lot went on!

For some of our grade 8 classes, district staff member Franchesca Lee finished her sessions with them regarding healthy relationships. We had staff members working together and collaborating about the creation of next year’s class compositions.

We have students working as a student counsel to create kindness initiatives around Journey and other groups who have started to fashion parade floats that will be created to support the Poirier Pride parade that will be happening on June 17.

On May 24 we welcomed Chelsea Rumbsy, a EA practicum student, who will be with us into June.

On the 25th, we had PIZZA and on the 26th, we had the grade 5 students from Poirier come for a transition visit and fun activities.

Today our grade 8 students visited EMCS as a transition activity to get them better acquainted with their high school.

Next week:

Camosun College will be here at the end of the week to work with our grade 7 students and electricity. The Port Renfrew Future Journey Dragons will be visiting!

Upcoming and plans in the works:

June 7 – the health nurses will be coming for the third time to try to finish off the grade 6 regularly scheduled, with parent permission, immunizations.

Grade 8 teachers will be hosting a grade 8 leaving celebration on June 28 from 1 – 2:30. Parents will be invited to a picnic-style event which will have beverages, tea and cupcakes! BBQ style games will be offered. Volunteers are needed, please sign up through PAC if you are available to help out.

A fun day is in the works mid-June. I will put out a call when a date is solidified for parent volunteers as well.

Things to consider:

The district is again offering a blended learning program next year. This is a program, as the name suggests, that combines independent online learning with a scheduled, in person learning day once a week.  If you would like more information about the program please contact Heather Lait at hlait@sd62.bc.ca for more information. The district is interested in expanding the Sooke area.



Principal’s Blog #4!

This week was full of rugby jamborees for our girls’ and boys’ teams.  Our music students recorded their submission for the Musicfest Canada Nationals. Good luck! We also competed in a track and field meet.

Field trips had classes out and about all week. We had our first grade 5 transition visits to Journey with John Muir and Sooke Elementary. Thank you to Madame Croft and her students for hosting our visitors, providing fun exploration of Journey and showing the future Journey Dragons what middle school is all about.

This week we held our first student council meeting. It was a great turn out, with lots of ideas and plans in the making. We will meet again next Wednesday to continue.

We had our last fire drill of the year – that makes six!

Pancakes were served today for the whole school thanks to the Sooke Lions and Lionesses. Today is also Bus Driver appreciation day – thank you to all you bus drivers in delivering our students safely to and from school!

After our last staff meeting, where we received epi-pen training, staff members were asked to ensure that they make contact with all  families of students in their class if there was a class member who had a life-threatening allergy or allergies which could cause substantial physical reactions. They were also asked to place an allergy alert in the window of their classroom. If you received this information, please do not send your child with any of these possible substances. Journey is also a scent-free zone.

This week we had district teacher Franchesca Lee come in and work with some of our grade 8 classes and she will be returning next week for a final session with those classes.

Congratulations to the PAC for electing a new executive for the 2022-2023 school year! Trudy Fraser will be remaining as our PAC president. Thank you for your ongoing support of our school.

Next week, please remember that May 23 is a holiday. We have new EA practicum student starting on Tuesday who will be with us into June.

Pizza day is on Wednesday, May 25 – these prepaid meals were purchased ahead of time. We will also be having our second student council meeting on Wednesday. Poirier future Journey Dragons will be visiting on Thursday, May 26. Our grade 8s will be visiting EMCS for a transition activity on Friday, May 27.