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Integration Services (IS)

The IS department works closely with communities, departments, and organizations to help  integrate students with behaviour, learning, social, physical, and emotional needs as well as gifted students  into the mainstream classroom environment.  When a student shows signs that they require support, our team will assess and try to accommodate the student’s needs.  Each student with a Special Needs designation is required to have an Individual Education Plan (IEP).   The IS department is responsible for collaborating with parents, staff, and specialists to develop a  student’s IEP to cater to each individuals student’s needs.  Each IS teacher is required to have a diploma or Masters in Special Education, and a Bachelor in Education.

Our Educational Assistants (EA) are an integral part of our team.  Each EA is trained and certified in working with special needs students. EA’s work closely with teachers and specialists to ensure all students’ needs are met.

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