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Welcome to Journey Dragons Athletics 2023-2024,

We are thrilled to offer Journey students the opportunity to play on several school teams throughout the school year. In the Fall we offered a Cross Country Team and Basketball Teams. In the Winter we offer Volleyball Teams, and in the Spring we have a Track & Field Team, and Badminton Teams.

All of our student-athletes are required to read over our Journey Dragons Athletic Handbook before participating on school teams. The Journey Dragons Athletics Permission Form must also be signed by both students and parents before participating in any games.

Journey Track & Field

The track & field season is here and it’s time to show off our speed and strength. The LIMSSA Track & Field season is composed of 4 “League Meets” and 1 Championships Meet. All the track and field meets are hosted at Centennial Stadium at the University of Victoria. The League Meets start at 4:00 and go to ~ 6:30pm. The first League Meet of the season is on Thursday, May 9th. The League meets continue for  4 weeks. Each League Meet hosts 3-4 track events, and 4-5 field events. Students need to compete at the League Meets and finish in the top 16 in track events, and top 12 in field events to qualify for the Lower Island Championship Meet on June 5th.

For instance, on Thursday, May 9th is the 800m, 200m, 2000m, Girls Shot Put, Girls Long Jump, Boys High Jump, and Boys Discus.  Students that want to do any of those events would need to go to the League Meet on the 9th. If there are meets in which there are no events that students want to participate in, then they do not need to attend those meets.

As with all Journey Athletics events, the transportation to and from Centennial Stadium is the responsibility of the student.  Journey Athletics does not provide transportation to the events.

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to our Athletic Director and Head Coach of the Track & Field Team, Zac Vine (zvine@sd62.bc.ca).


League Meet #1 – Thursday May 9, 2024

  • 800m all 6 groups – waterfall start may be used (4:00 start)
  • 200m  (~4:45 start)
  • 2000m (~5:45 start)
  • Long jump – girls gr. 6 (pit 1)  (4:00 start)
  • Long jump – girls gr. 7 (pit 2)  (4:00 start)
  • Long jump – girls gr. 8 (pit 3)   (4:00 start)
    High Jump – boys gr. 6/7 (pit 1)   (4:00 start)
  • Discus – boys (SMUS) 3 attempts   (4:00 start)
    Shot Put – girls (Journey) – (4lbs for gr. 6/7 and 6 lbs for gr. 8)   (4:00 start)

League Meet #2 – Thursday, May 16th, 2024

  • 100m (4:00 start)
  • 4x100m – practice – no timers (self-time)  (~5:30 start)
  • Triple Jump – girls (pit 1) (4:00 start)
  • Triple Jump – boys (pit 2) (4:00 start)
  • Triple Jump – (pit 3 -overflow)
  • High Jump – girls gr 6/7 (pit 1) (4:00 start)

League Meet #3 – Monday, May 27th, 2024

  • Sprint hurdles in lanes 3 – 9   (4:00 start)
  • 1200m – lanes 1-2   (4:00 start)
  • 300m -all 6 groups – waterfall start may be used
  • Long Jump – boys gr. 6 (pit 1)   (4:00 start)
  • Long Jump – boys gr. 7 (pit 2)   (4:00 start)
  • Long Jump – boys gr. 8 (pit 3)   (4:00 start)
  • High Jump – all gr 8 (pit 1)  (4:00 start)
  • Discus – girls  (4:00 start)
  • Shot Put – boys  (4:00 start)

League Meet #4 – Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

  • 4X100 relay qualifying – all schools be prepared to provide workers as zone judges.   (4:15 start)
  • 2000m FINALS  (4:00 start)
  • Other events as needed to complete.

Please be sure to listen to morning announcements (JMS Today) for Journey Athletics updates and news.

If you have any questions or concerns about Journey Athletics, please contact the Athletic Director, Zac Vine (zvine@sd62.bc.ca).