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Exploratories are one of the most popular courses we offer at Journey. They fit well with the revised curriculum and give students and staff an opportunity to choose what, and how, to learn!

Waiver Forms:  If a student is in an exploratory that requires a waiver form, they are responsible for getting it signed by both parents (if applicable) and a witness that is not a SD62 employee and handed into the office.

Mountain Bike Waiver Form

Swimming Waiver Form 

Payment: If an exploratory requires supplies above and beyond regular material students will be asked to provide these funds when signing up. Most exploratories do not require funds. If there is an exploratory a student would like to sign up for and requires financial assistance, please contact the principal.

Clothing: proper footwear and clothing may be needed for specific exploratories. For example mural making, mantracker, soccer etc. This is the responsibility of the student.

Assessment: Students are expected to attended exploratories and a work habit mark will be given on each student’s report card and it could affect their effort and/or honour roll eligibility. Students are not expected to be signed out by a parent.