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Our doors have definitely come open to the world again. It has been a great week to see some visitors coming into the school.

This week we had Naomi Watser working with some of our PHE classes with lacrosse. We also had Ms. Robynne from Wild about plants come in to have tea and a plant walk with Ms. Wien’s class.

We had our first face to face PAC meeting in two and a half years. Special guests were Ravi Parmar (SD 62 Trustee and board chair), Allison Watson (SD 62 trustee, Milne’s Landing zone), and Stephanie Hedley-Smith (associate superintendent, Milne’s Landing zone). We are looking forward to having people volunteer to be part of PAC next year, members are needed. It is a fantastic way to come and be part of your child’s school and learn about what is going on.

On the 11th, we had a morning smudge and in the afternoon, we had our first whole school assembly in two and a half years!! We welcomed PROFESSOR WOW! He was an entertaining, creative and zany scientist/circus performer. It was wonderful to see so much excitement and energy on smiling faces!

Today marked the beginning of the Moose Hide Campaign – a symbol of this campaign can be seen by a square of leather pinned to clothing. We had a group go to Mystic Beach and we had grade 6’s have their second regularly scheduled immunizations (these were immunizations done with parental consent through VIHA). We also had students competing in a track and field competition today and we have had a couple rugby matches!

Reminder that there is no scheduled classes tomorrow for students – it is a PRO D!!

Upcoming next week, the music students will be recording their submission to the Musicfest Canada Nationals.  Some grade 8s are heading for a special treat and heading to the movies. Brother Rick will be visiting and our first Future Journey Dragons will be visiting from John Muir on Wednesday and from Sooke Elementary on Thursday. We have amazing student leaders who have worked very hard with their teacher to create a fun visit for our grade 5s which involve scavenger hunts, a fire and hot chocolate. Some divisions will be heading to the pool and there is a fire drill on Thursday – our last one of the year (there have been six in total).

We are excited to have the Lions and Lionesses come to the school on Friday, May 20 to make pancakes for the whole school :0)

I have been thrilled to be able to call upon student leaders to help out and be involved around the school once again! Today on the announcements, we put out the call to all grade 6, 7, and 8 students to come participate in a student counsel that will be starting up next week. This group will be involved in the enhancement and engagement of all students through their feedback and organization of cool events which I hope to have happen over the next month and a half!