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Journey Staff List

(Click on name for email address or all staff can be emailed by using their first initial and last name@sd62.bc.ca)

Andrea Millen, Acting Principal

Katrina Abell; Acting Vice-Principal

Charmaine Campbell;Counsellor

Division 1 grade 8 teacher  Dan Sulzen  http://www.mrsulzen.wordpress.com

Division 2 grade 8 teacher   Teresa LennoxMs. Lennox’s webpage 

Division 3 grade 8 teacher Laura Barnes

Division 4 grade 8 teacher Katrina Abell, http://workspacedemadamea.blogspot.ca

Division 4 Grade 8 teacher Rhys Hill

Division 5 Grade 8  teacher Nicole Nadeau      https://nnadeau8.wixsite.com/website

Division 6 grade 8 teacher Camilla Birtwistle, https://mrsbirtwistle.weebly.com

Division 7 Grade 8 French Immersion  teacher  Stephanie Croft

Division 8 Grade 7/8  teachers Brittany Sims and  Neal Donegani

Division 9 Grade 7 teacher Lora Schnarr and  Laurie Gitzel

Division 10 Grade 7 teachers Winona Johnston and Brandon Von Hooydonk

Division 11 Grade 7 teacher Kelly Dvorak  Mrs. Dvorak’s Webpage

Division 12 Grade 7 teachers Laura Maragh

Division 13 Grade 6/7 French Immersion teacher Roald Kovacik

Division 14 Grade 6/7 teacher Jess Federici

Division 15 Grade 6/7 French Immersion teacher Benula Larsen  Oliver Winser

Division 16 Grade 6 teacher  Shannon Fish and Randy Dunbar   http://randydunbar.blogspot.ca/

Division 17 Grade 6 teacher Chris McLeod

Division 18 Grade 6 teacher Dan Quint

Division 19 Grade 6 teacher Diane Wiens

Division 20 Grade 6 teacher Ross Elm


Support Teachers

Winona Johnston, Art

Lorna Bjorklund, Band/ Orchestra/ Jazz Band

Meghan Murphy, Integrated Support Teacher; SPEDLA

Mr. Conor Hart, Integration Support Teacher; SPEDLA

Jill Fader, Librarian

Laurie Gitzel, Home Economics

Chris Pelley; SPEDLA

Blair Hughes, Woodwork Teacher

Mitch Rehman, Behaviour Support Teacher/Music

Kara Troke, Aboriginal Literacy Teacher

Neal Donegani, Technology

Zachary Vine, Young Entrepreneurs/Librarian

Rona Archer, Voices

Support Staff

Gina Thompson, Secretary

Sandy Hull, Clerk

Linda Brown, Library Assistant/Clerk

Murielle Legace, Youth & Family Counsellor

Jim MacSporran, Wrap Around Co-Ordinator

Shelley Crowley, Education Assistant/Noon Hour Supervisor/Breakfast Program
Cheryl Dueck, Education Assistant/Noon Hour Supervisor
Shannon Weber, Aboriginal Education Support Worker
Jolene Greenhough, Education Assistant/Noon Hour Supervisor
Erin Laur, Education Assistant
Tryna Lionas, Education Assistant/School Meals Program Coordinator

Michelle Thompson, Education Assistant/Noon Hour Supervisor

Shannon McDonald, Aboriginal Education Support Worker

Erica O’Bryne,Education Assistant

Pugh, Tara Noon Hour Supervisor

Madeliene Fisher; Education Assistant

Sherri Savoie; Education Assistant

Amber Leonard, Head Custodian
Sean Fergusson, Custodian
Steve Hill, Custodian

Kathy Mccall, Custodian