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Journey Middle School Staff List 2021 -2022



Pam Gerrits Principal

Katrina Abell Vice Principal



Gina Thompson Head Secretary

Brianne Crocker Clerk

Tracy Drysdale Clerk

Eila Peltomaki-Kelly Library Assistant/Clerk



Michaeline Yarchuk Counsellor



Dan Sulzen   Division 1 Grade 8 Teacher   https://www.mrsulzen.wordpress.com

 Laura Barnes and Marina McClintock, (Friday): Division 2 Grade 8 Teachers

Zachary Vine Division 3 Grade 8 Teacher Classroom Website

Teresa Walker: Division 4 Grade 8 Teacher Classroom Website

Nicole Nadeau  and Ritika Gautam Division 5 Grade 8 Teacher https://nnadeau8.wixsite.com/website

Brittany Sims Division 6 Grade 7/8

Stephanie Croft Division 7 Grade 8 French Immersion Teacher

Oliver Winser Division 8 Grade 7/8  French Immersion Teacher

Winona Johnston and Pascale Murphy Division 9 Grade 7 Teachers

Laura Maragh Division 10 Grade 7 Teacher

Neal Donegani  and Larissa Wood Division 11 Grade 7 Teachers

Laurie Gitzel and Marinna McClintock Division 12 Grade 7 Teachers

Jess Federici Division 13 Grade 7 Teacher

Pedra Stephen Division 14 Grade 6/7

Matthew Tran Division 15 Grade 6/7 French Immersion Teacher

Jack Malone Division 16 Grade 6 French Immersion Teacher

Derek Martin Division 17 Grade 6 Teacher

TBA Division 18 Grade 6 Teacher

Kelly Dvorak and Jim Schorer Division 19 Grade 6 Teacher

Ross Elm and Sinclaire Lovett  Division 20 Grade 6 Teacher

Diane Wiens Division 21 Grade 6 Teacher

Brandon Van Hooydonk Division 22 Grade 6 Teacher


Lorna Bjorklund Band/ Orchestra/ Jazz Band

Robin Low Librarian/Young Entrepreneurs/FAST

Angela Young Aboriginal Literacy Teacher/ESD/Lit/Culture

Neal Donegani Technology/FAST

Rona Archer Voices/FAST

Laurie Gitzel  Home Economics/FAST

Winona Johnston Art/FAST

Kelly Dvorak Designed Thinking/FAST

Blair Hughes Woodwork Teacher/FAST

Mitch Rehman  Inclusive Education/ Music/FAST

Jim Schorer Inclusive Education/inaturalist/FAST

Lisa Hagar Inclusive Education

Andrea Millen Inclusive Education



Shelley Crowley Education Assistant/Noon Hour Supervisor/Breakfast Program

Jolene Greenhough Education Assistant/Noon Hour Supervisor

Erin Laur Education Assistant

Michelle Thompson Communication Facilitator/Noon Hour Supervisor

Erica O’Bryne Education Assistant/School Meals Program Coordinator

Madeliene Fisher Education Assistant

Julie Evans Education Assistant

Michael Lewis Student Engagement Facilitator



Amber Leonard Head Custodian

Sean Fergusson Custodian

Kathy Mccall Custodian

Patrice Vandenberg Custodian