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Dear Parents/ Guardians,

My name is Zac Vine (Email: zvine@sd62.bc.ca) and I am the Athletic Director at Journey Middle School this year. We have had an incredible start to our Athletics this year with our Journey Basketball Teams do extremely well and representing our school to the fullest. Congratulations to all of our student athletes that played basketball this year on their successes and growth.

Our Journey Cheer Club continues to practice on a weekly basis and students are always welcome to come and join them in the multi-purpose room during lunch hours.

We have transitioned into the winter season which means our Journey Volleyball Teams and Wrestling Team are up and running.

Our Journey Wrestling Team currently practices on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays during lunch hour. Students are encouraged to come out and join the team. We are very lucky to have coaches that have competed at a national level and are incredibly knowledgeable. Our Head Coaches are Mrs. Jess Federici and Mr. Conor Hart, with Assistant Coach Mr. Dan Sulzen.

Our Journey Volleyball Teams have started practicing and are getting prepared for their 2019 season.
This year’s volleyball coaches are:
Mrs. Kara Troke (Grade 6 Girls)
Mr. Dale Riddell (Community Coach of Grade 6 Girls)
Mr. Conor Hart (Grade 7/8 Boys)
Mr. Neal Donegani (Grade 7/8 Girls)
Mr. Brandon Van Hooydonk (Grade 7/8 Girls)

The Journey Volleyball Team practice schedule is as follows:
Morning (8:00am-8:45) and Lunch (12:15pm-12:50): Girls 7/8 (Red Team)
After School (3:00pm-5:00): Girls 7/8 (Black team) & Boys 7/8
Morning (8:00am-8:45) and Lunch (12:15pm-12:50): Boys 7/8
After School (3:00pm-5:00): Girls 7/8 (Red team) & Girls 6
Morning (8:00am-8:45) and Lunch (12:15pm-12:50): Girls 6
After School (3:00pm-5:00): Girls 7/8 (Black team & Rec team)
Morning (8:00am-8:45) and Lunch (12:15pm-12:50): Girls 7/8 (Black Team)
After School (3:00pm-5:00): Girls 6 & Boys 7/8

The game schedule for Journey Volleyball Teams will be posted before the end of the month. All teams will be playing in 3 jamborees during the month of February.

Our spring sports will start up in March/ April and will include Rugby, Badminton, and Track and Field.


Zac Vine
Athletic Director at Journey Middle School