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Dear Parents/ Guardians,

The Journey Athletic Department would like to welcome all of our staff, students, parents, and caregivers to our 2019-2020 season. The Lower Island Middle School Sports Association runs 4 sports during the Fall season: Cross Country Running, Ultimate Frisbee, Touch Rugby, and Basketball. 

Our Cross Country Team at Journey just wrapped up a very successful spring season as they competed in 3 different races around the Lower Island. A big THANK YOU to all the students that participated and to our amazing head coach, Mrs. Stephanie Croft.

We also had an Ultimate Frisbee Team and Touch Rugby Team for the first time this year at Journey! These sports were very popular as we were able to have 2 teams in each league, respectfully. All the student athletes that participated represented Journey extremely well, both in sportsmanship and in leadership. A very big THANK YOU to Mr. Neal Donegani who was the Head Coach of our Ultimate Frisbee Team, and Mr. Oliver Winser and Mrs. Brittany Sims who coached our Touch Rugby Teams.

In November our 2019 Basketball season begins. Last year our teams finished on an incredibly high note with our grade 8 boys team competing at the UVIC Elite tournament. We hope to carry that momentum into this year! We have had an overwhelming amount of students sign up for our Basketball teams this year, which is awesome! However, we are at the point now where we have too many players and not enough coaches for our teams. In order to address this issue, we are implementing a rule that students must participate in a minimum of 50% of weekly practices to be eligible for equal playing time during the games. This is being implemented to reinforce commitment from our students, and to avoid the expectation of equal playing time from students that do not come to practices. Exceptions to this rule can be made, but it will be up to the team coach’s discretion and on a case by case basis.

The following is a list of our coaches, their teams respective practice schedule, and the dates they will have games (games location and opponents TBA):

Grade 6/7 Girls – Practices Wednesday before school (7:45-8:30am), Tuesday and Thursday at lunch

Head Coach: Mrs. Kara Hobbs, Assistant Coach: Mrs. Brittany Sims


Tuesday, October 29th: BLACK TEAM @ Pacific Christian / RED TEAM @ JOURNEY
Tuesday, November 12th: BLACK TEAM @ John Stubbs / RED TEAM @ St. Joe’s
Tuesday, November 26th:  BLACK TEAM @ JOURNEY  /  RED TEAM @ Spencer

Grade 8 Girls – Practices Monday morning (7:45-8:30am),Tuesday after school, and Wednesday at lunch

Head Coach: Mrs. Danika Robirtis –

Wednesday, October 30th @ John Stubbs at 3:45
Wednesday, November 13th @ Cedar Hill at 4:30
Wednesday, November 27th @ JOURNEY

Grade 6/7 Boys – Practices Monday at lunch, Tuesday before school (7:45-8:30am), and Thursday after school.

Head Coach: Mr. Brandon Van Hooydonk

Thursday, November 7th
Thursday, November 14th
Thursday, November 28th

Head Coach: Mr. Trevor Bligh, Assistant Coach: Mr. Zac Vine – Grade 8 Boys – Practice Monday and Wednesday after school

Grade 8 Boys: MONDAYS
Monday, October 28th
Monday, November 18th
Monday, November 25th

Our Athletic Director this year will again be Mr. Zac Vine. He can be reached by email at “zvine@sd62.bc.ca“.

The Journey Athletic Department tremendously appreciates all the support from our community! We look forward to providing our students with another exciting year at Journey.


Zac Vine
Athletic Director at Journey Middle School