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Today approximately 75 students moved classrooms. Some classes experienced no changes and others over half the class moved. There were a few tears and a few cheers as students met new teachers and classmates. Change can be challenging and we appreciate your support as we move forward this year.

Students will continue to have their original lockers until our locksmith can change the combinations. Students in combined classes will continue to have the opportunity to participate in grade group activities as well as their own classes. The one difference may be that students in a grade 7/8 class will go to Applied Skills (Business Ed, Woodwork and Home Ec) instead of their MAD rotation (Music, Art, Drama). We are currently looking into this.

Thank you for supporting our school and students during this time.


Tomorrow is picture day at Journey.  All students will have their pictures taken for their student card and some families may choose to order a package.  If you are interested in ordering pictures, students must present the order form when they get their photo taken.


Due to an unexpected increase in enrollment at our school, it has become necessary to reconfigure some of our classes. Today we were informed by the School Board that this will involve moving one grade seven class to a grade 6/7 class and one grade eight class to a 7/8 class. This may or may not affect your child. This weekend we will begin looking at making these changes with the possibility of moving early next week.

We understand students have begun to bond with their teachers and teachers with their students. Today we let the students know there may be a change and we ask that you have the conversation with your child about the possibility of moving classes. Staff will look at academic and social reasoning when configuring the new classes.

Thank you for your support. We hope we see all of you at Meet the Teacher Evening, Wednesday September 16 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm.



Our Vision – “People Run to be Here!”

On Tuesday, September 8 we will open our doors and welcome students from grades 6-8 from East Sooke to Port Renfrew. Staff have been busy getting ready for students. There are fresh paints in the Art Room, lumber in the Woodworking Room and turmeric in the Foods Room. There are new soccer balls, volleyball nets and basketballs in the gym. The desks are neatly arranged, the floors are shining and many field trips organized. Most importantly there is an entire staff ready to begin a new year with our students. Now all we need is the 474 students registered to begin Journey’s 22nd year!

The first day of school begins at 8:40 a.m. and students will be dismissed at 11:58 a.m.

Buses will run in the morning and for early dismissal. Regular times will begin Wednesday. If you have not registered your child please fill out the form on the Sooke School District website www.sd62.bc.ca or paper copy in our office. If you are dropping off your child please remember to use the student drop off area (parking lot) and not to enter the bus lane. For everyone’s safety, please park in designated parking spaces only.

Class lists will be posted on the windows and staff will also be available to help students locate their classrooms. All grade six students and new students to Journey will meet in the Gym. Look for your teacher’s name and your teacher will meet you there and take you to your classroom. Parents are welcome to wait in the gym until their child leaves for their new classroom.

We will have recess on the first day so please remember to send a snack (students seem to be exceptionally hungry during the first week of back to school). Students will not be eating lunch at school Tuesday.

We use our website to keep busy families as up-to-date as possible. We try to send as little paper home as possible (the exception to this rule is the many forms you need to fill out and return during the first week). Our website will be your main source of information. We will alert you that the website has been updated via School Connects using the email address you provided. If this has changed and/or you would like to add an additional email address, please send this information to our clerk, Sandy at shull@sd62.bc.ca. Many teachers also have class websites.

We will end our week with a BBQ and Welcoming Assembly on Friday. Enjoy the last long weekend of summer!