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Preliminary Outline of School Planning Council

2014-15   School: Journey Middle School


School Plan: Goal


Goal Area:

Social and Emotional Learning



To improve student achievement by emphasizing social and emotional learning in schools.



Reducing the number of referrals to the office, and suspensions from school; therefore, increasing the time spent with peers and teachers/EAs.


Rationale: Journey is a dual track school which includes a student population of approximately 485 students, 42 staff members, and supportive parent community. We are entering our second year of Restitution and although the students coming from the elementary feeder schools are well versed in Restitution practices; our staff is not as familiar or practiced. Our School Plan Goal for 2014-2015 will be to improve student achievement by emphasizing social and emotional learning at Journey. Our aim is to engage students, staff and parents in all aspects of restitution. This will include providing opportunities to learn from one another, using resources within our parent community, providing opportunities for professional development for our staff, and increasing the resources available within our school. We will strive to follow our vision as we work to reach our goal. Our vision: People Run to Be Here – Meaning all parents, staff and especially students. Our Mission – Accept the Challenge; Stretch your brain; Play, Have Fun; Invest in People; and Explore Cool Stuff in both English and French.




Restitution Information/Practice at Staff & PAC Meetings

SWIS (or similar) behaviour data management system

Grade Group meetings

Neighbourhood Meetings & Assemblies

School Wide Assemblies

Personal Safety Programs (physical, emotional & cyber)

School Code of Conduct

Social Contracts in classrooms/staffroom




Staff education on Restitution

SWIS (or similar) system to establish baselines/track progress

Meetings and assemblies to discuss topic, presenters to address pertinent topics such as bullying, cyber- safety, positive citizenship etc.

Continue to participate in UVIC study on on-line communication

Signature Page


The preceding School Plan has been approved by the Journey Middle School Planning Council (SPC) on


Date: June 14, 2014



Parent Parent Parent (PAC Exec.)
Bev Berger Brandon Cheng Crystal Andrews
Principal Vice-Principal Teacher Rep
Laurie Szadkowski Glenn Bedard N/A