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Welcome Back from Spring Break – We hope everyone had time to do some fun activities and enjoy sleeping in! 

Our Vision is Run to Be Here, and our Mission Statement is ASPIRE.  This week we are focusing on being good community citizens and providing input into Sooke’s new Official Community Plan (OCP).  The District of Sooke is looking for everyone’s ideas, but especially for the opinions of 12-14-year-old students.  Please go on with your family to picturesooke.ca and let the mayor and council know what you’d like Sooke to look like as we grow over the next 10 years.

Several Cohort Changes beginning Monday, March 29:

The following cohort groups will be together after spring break. Cohort groups spend recess and lunch times together and share the same zones during these times. It is up to the teachers involved if they wish to collaborate and spend more time together outside of these times. This is done following all COVID-19 protocols put out by the Ministry of Health.

Divisions 1 (Sulzen) & 2 (Barnes), Divisions 3 (Vine) & 4 (Walker), Divisions 5 (Nadeau) & 6 (Sims), Divisions 7 (Croft), 8 (Winser), & 9 (Robirtis/Johnston), Divisions 10 (Federici) & 12 (Maragh), Divisions 13 (Gitzel/McClintock) & 11 (Donegani/Jones/Archer), Divisions 14 (Gautam) & 18 (Quint), Divisions 15 (Tran) & 16 (Munroe), Divisions 17 (Dvorak) & 20 (Elm), Divisions 19 (Van Hooydonk) & 21 (Wiens). Zone 4 will not be in use and zone 2 will be put back into use.

Shout out to our PAC for always supporting our requests for funding and always putting students first.  Your hard work and dedication is appreciated! 

Registration Date: Hockey Academy sign-up for the 2021-22 school year in some age groups.  Students may still register and be placed on a waitlist.

Parent/Teacher Communication – April 15 would usually be our Celebration of Learning Event; however, we will be not having any open house again this year.  Students will be dismissed at 11:58 a.m. and staff will use the afternoon and evening to connect with parents.  Staff may use other times than this to connect and will be putting out information to families over the next few weeks.


Cohort (gr. 6 & 7) change and  Zone rotation change for all students.


Skateboarding Club – First Lunch students with signed waivers and proper gear. No exceptions to any of the rules. Listen to announcements each morning for additional opportunities.


Skateboarding Club – Second Lunch students with signed waivers and proper gear. No exceptions to any of the rules.  Listen to announcements each morning for additional opportunities.


Good Friday –School not in session.  We will see you Tuesday, April 6

Thanks for doing your part during the pandemic – it is appreciated. 

Daily Health Check – please remember to follow the DHC and not send your child to school if they are not well.  If a student becomes unwell, or tells us they are unwell, at school, they will wait for pick up in our Supervision Room which is sanitized between guests.  Up to two students can be in the room at one time (physically distanced and masked).  Masks – please continue to provide and remind your child to bring a mask to school each day.