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Our Vision is Run to Be Here, and our Mission Statement is ASPIRE.  This week we are focusing on one of our three Values: Respect. Are our actions and words respectful to the people at Journey, in the community of Sooke, and in the world? 

 February is Black History month, which is a great opportunity for students to learn about past and present Social Justice issues. “Justice is the concept of fairness. Social justice is fairness as it manifests in society.” (https://www.humanrightscareers.com/)

Congratulations to Division 13 for creating a powerful presentation on Black History. Students reflected on the role Ruby Bridges played in Kamala Harris becoming the first female, first African American and the first Asian American Vice President of the USA. They also wrote their ideas, thoughts and opinions about the treatment of African slaves in Canada during the period between 1600 and 1834.  After reading and viewing the presentation, it is evident that students believe that people of all different skin colours should be treated equally and with respect and dignity.

Please remind your child that they must sign in and out of the office if they are arriving late or leaving early.  This allows us to keep students accounted for and safe.   Please phone  ahead of time if you are picking your child up early and then again when you are in the parking lot and we will send them from the office to you.  

Do you have exercise equipment collecting dust in your garage? Would you like to find a new home for it? Ms. Millen is looking for exercise bikes, spin bikes, and/or elliptical trainers for students to use for exercise breaks in the support room. If you have any of these items and you would like to donate them please contact Ms. Andrea Millen at amillen@sd62.bc.ca


If anyone has any jigsaw puzzles languishing on the shelf that they would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated. Around 40-250 pieces would be wonderful. Please send to school or email Ms. Janice Crow at jcrow@sd62.bc.ca 

Mrs. Wallace’s Learning Commons Update:

Skills Canada competitions are entering the last week before we submit school results to regionals.  Ask your student about their experiences creating gravity cars, wind turbines, or spaghetti bridges.  A lot of learning, design thinking and fun have been going on in our school!

We are entering the second week of March Madness: Battle of the Books!  New match ups will be shared with students on the announcements on Tuesday.  Voting for week 2 will be available until Thursday, Feb. 18 at http://bit.ly/3pgl6dc.  Please encourage your student to vote.  Munro Books generously donated book prizes and there will be 1 prize winner drawn each week from participants.

Monday – Happy Family Day


Skateboarding Club – First Lunch students with signed waivers and proper gear. No exceptions to any of the rules. Listen to announcements each morning for additional opportunities.

EMCS – grade 8s should have signed up for all their grade 9 courses for next year by 4 p.m. today.

Cohort Assemblies: Block 2 – Divs. 12/18 Block 4 – Divs. 5/6


Pizza Lunch Day – pre-ordered, individual lunches delivered to classrooms at lunch

Skateboarding Club – Second Lunch students with signed waivers and proper gear. No exceptions to any of the rules.  Listen to announcements each morning for additional opportunities.

Cohort Assemblies: Block 2 – Divs. 7/8/9; Block 4 – Divs. 1/2; Block 5 – 3/4


Grade 7 FSA online testing

Cohort Assemblies: Block 1 – Divs. 10/14; Block 2 – Divs. 17/18; Block 3 – Divs. 13/20; Block 4 – Divs. 15/16; Block 5 – Divs. 11/21


Grade 7 FSA online testing 

School Spirit Day – Crazy Hair Day

Run to be Here/Wear your Mask/Be Respectful

 Daily Health Check – please remember to follow the DHC and not send your child to school if they are not well.  If a student becomes unwell, or tells us they are unwell, at school, they will wait for pick up in our Supervision Room which is sanitized between guests.  Up to two students can be in the room at one time (physically distanced and masked).  Masks – please continue to provide and remind your child to bring a mask to school each day.