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Following Public Health Protocols:  Journey takes its direction from VIHA and will continue to follow the protocols set out by them.  VIHA will always contact individuals/families directly if there is information that needs to be shared.  The safety of our students and staff is always our priority.

Please continue to do the Daily Health Check, remind your child to bring a mask to school (each student received two reusable masks), and to wash their hands throughout the day. For more information  (https://www.sd62.bc.ca/node/1020/health-and-safety).

Early pick up – if you need to pick up your child early from school, please let your child know, child’s teacher know, and also the office.  This will help us remind your child to be in the office ready for pick up.  Phone when you are in the parking lot and we will send your child up to meet you.

Parent/Teacher Conferences – Families should hear from their child’s teacher by the end of this week regarding their process for communicating with families about their progress so far this year.  If you haven’t heard, please give the teacher a call or email.   Reminder to families that Nov. 19 is early dismissal (11:58) and buses will run accordingly.  Nov. 20 is a Pro-D day.

Welcome to our staff Ms. Sinclaire Lovett.  Ms. Lovett will be teaching in Div. 20 on Monday and Wednesday mornings while Mr. Elm coaches the Hockey Academy.  We are happy to welcome her to our Dragon Team.

Info for Remembrance Day Museum: This year we cannot hold our traditional Remembrance Day assembly.  Mrs. Abell and Mrs. Wallace have created a Journey Remembrance Museum that each class will go through. 

30 minute time slots with guidance from Ms. Wallace and student volunteers.

Masks mandatory for classes because of the student volunteers and guest presenters. 

15 min in the museum (6 displays) – guest historian and donor of artifacts – Wade Berglund.

Wade is originally from Port Arthur, Ontario (Thunder Bay). He joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Sonar Operator/Sonar Technician in the Royal Canadian Navy at the age of 21 in 1985. He served in the RCN for 24 yrs (including militia and reserve time), being deployed all over the world, mostly on active surface ships and submarines. He retired in 2008. He worked offshore in the oil and gas industry for 8 years, but came back to the Navy in 2016 where he rejoined the submarine community in maintaining/repairing the 4 submarines that the RCN has.

  1. Acknowledgment of our First Peoples of Canada and their involvement in the pursuit of peace and Acknowledging our country with the Canadian Anthem.
  2. The unknown soldiers – who were people involved in the war.
  3. The daily needs during the war- variety of items that were used during times of war.
  4. The call to war – how were Canadians called to become involved in a war that wasn’t on their own home land?
  5. Past times – what did soldiers do to pass the time?
  6. Tools and technology – In times of war, there have always been advances made in medicine and technology. What were some of the tools that were used during times of war for communication, protection, etc.?

15 min in the front foyer (3 stations)

  1. What do you know about the Korean War? Meet a medic from the time period who will go through what it was like. – guest historian,  Don Thomas (part of the Victoria-Esquimalt Military re-enactors Association).

Don is originally from New Brunswick. He served 27 years in the Canadian Army, both in the infantry and field engineers with 13 years in the airborne ( Parachute) role. He has done 2 United Nations Peacekeeping tours on the Island of Cyprus, 1971 and 1974 during the Turkish Invasion of the Island. 

  1. Wonder wall – collection of student thoughts regarding war and how it has affected people, including their own personal experiences.
  2. A moment to honour Remembrance Day and the Canadians involved in the past, present and future. A moment of silence and reflection. Students bring the poppy they created in class to lay in lieu of a wreath. 


Zones – Morning: students may go to any zone.  Must always wear a mask  and physically distance when possible.  Recess and Lunch: zones rotate today.  Masks are not required when in cohort zone, but must be used when travelling to and from zone.

Classes attend Journey Remembrance Museum 


Classes attend Journey Remembrance Museum 

PAC Meeting/Elections – Our next PAC meeting is tonight at 6 p.m. online.  If you would like to join us, please let President, Trudy Fraser hunni8205@gmail and/or Principal, Laurie Szadkowski  lszadkowski@sd62.bc.ca know, and we will add your to the MSTeams event.  Please join us and find out how important PAC is in providing feedback about programs and enhancing student learning.  It’s not just about fundraising!


Remembrance Day – Today is not just a “day off’”   Today Canadians take time to honour and remember all those who fought for us to live in a free and welcoming country.  Today we remember those who did not come home.  Today we remember those veterans who did come home and carried on making Sooke and Canada a place we can be proud to call home.  Today we say thank you to all our military families who continue to protect us at home and contribute to peace throughout the world.  Today is just not another “day off”.


Today we welcome back numerous students who have been learning remotely.  Welcome back to school – we missed you.

Friday the 13th!

Crazy Hair Day – students and staff will be showing off their craziest hair today (that could mean just not combing it when you get up to spray painted, braided ponytails with flashing lights).  Prizes to be won and fun to be had!

Burger orders – today is the last day to submit your order for burger day next Wednesday.  You can do it online or bring in the paper copy.  Gluten free/meat free options available!

Wash your hands, Play and Have Fun

and always Run to be Here!